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Proud To Be Hosting Our 2nd Annual 2016 Crab/Pasta Feed
Tickets Are $50 Each
Flyer is posted below for more info:


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 all the toys we collected from the toy drive off at California Children's Hospital! 

e collected 350+ toys plus pj's and elastic waist pants for the children! Thanks to all of you that made it out to drop these toys off! The club and the hospital really appreciates all your hard work!

Well as everyone may know, when we went to Children's Hospital to drop off all the gifts from the toy drive
 we put on, we were approached by a women asking if we would be interested in adopting a family with two sick children for Christmas... We all talked and decided right away that we most defiantly would like to do that for that family. Over the last week our club members have tried their best 
to raise as many donations and collect gifts for the family. We are VERY pleased with the number of gifts and cash donations we received for the family and this afternoon club president Tim Van Fleet and his wife Tracy Van Fleet and their family and friends wrapped and delivered all the gifts and donations to the family and also all the fixings for a nice Christmas Eve dinner! We are so very happy that the club did this and a big thank you to everyone for helping make a wonderful Christmas happen for such a deserving family!!!

Message from Tim Van Fleet a former president in the past:

Hello everyone!  Our first annual toy drive for the Madera Children’s Hospital was a big success!  I just wanted to give a special thanks to the following people:

The Bailey Family

Andrea Winn

Steve & Kathy Fielder

Michael Ewing

Lindsay Van Fleet

Dusty Griffin

Richard & Robin Udavi

Johnny Grimes

Nichole Shell

Billy Yarbrough

Scott Neeves

Ryan Morrill

Kenny & Dalton Duran

and to anyone that I may have forgotten….

Thank you all for your time and your donations.  You are a great group of people and I appreciate all of you.

For anyone wanting to attend the toy drop-off, please meet in the Madera’s Children’s Hospital parking lot at 2:30pm on Wednesday, December 11, 2013.

Thanks again,
Tim Van Fleet
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